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3ABN Radio Logo3ABN Radio is broadcast in a number of areas around Australia and New Zealand, as well as on satellite 24/7.


If you have a satellite dish pointed to the Optus D2 satellite and are receiving the 3ABN Television signal, you can also listen to 3ABN Radio on the same system. There is a button on your remote control that allows you to access the 3ABN Radio signal direct from the satellite.



The 3ABN Radio channel schedules are available for download, and come in two forms, Program Guides and Air Times. Changes to the regular schedule are also published here.


3ABN Radio Affiliates

3ABN Australia RadioFind out if 3ABN Radio is broadcast in your area so you can listen as you go about your daily routine. [link]


Information is also available about how to re-broadcast 3ABN Radio, as well as how to become an affiliate. Please note that to re-broadcast 3ABN Radio, there is a legal requirement to become an affiliate.


Program Descriptions

Programs broadcast on 3ABN Radio are listed along with their descriptions.


Listen Online

3ABN Radio may be listened to online.


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